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Charity Love Pendant

Charity Love Pendant


I read somewhere that jewellery is a little token of love and that has stuck with me. This LOVE pendant gives more than just the wearer a feeling of the warm and fuzzies, it also helps those who are doing it tough.


10% of the sale price from these necklaces go to the Dogs Trust Charity (Registered Charity Numbers 227523 & SC037843), they rehome around 10,000 dogs every year but also work hard to keep owners and their dogs together. One way they do this is through their 'Together Through Homelessness' scheme.


This scheme helps dog owners who are experiencing homelessness or who are in a housing crisis. No one should be forced to choose between their dog and a safe place to sleep, but many people experiencing homelessness are faced with that decision.


Dogs Trust provide free, in-depth support and advice to homelessness services on becoming dog-friendly. They also provide free vet care for any dog owner being supported by a homelessness service, and help in any way they can to keep human and pup to stay together.


There is the option to add an initial to the other side of the charm pendant, and a free message to your order if you are sending it as a gift!


The charm is 1.5cm long and is made from recycled Sterling silver.


The satellite chain comes in 3 different lengths for you to choose from.


Each necklace is made to order so will take up to 2 days until it is shipped to you.


Each piece is handmade in wax by me, before it is cast into silver and hand stamped in my small little studio in Salisbury.

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